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LeadChange Colorado
Experiential Learning for Businesses and Corporations

LeadChange is designed to improve group dynamics whether the team is high performing, one with known challenges, or a new team looking to find common ground. As groups work to achieve a common goal, they must overcome obstacles, timelines, communication barriers, and develop solutions that depend on creative thinking, similar to the needs of the work environment.  Participants increase their understanding of other team members, discover better ways to communicate, experience “aha moments” of self-awareness and learn how to manage their own stress and emotion.

The LeadChange curriculum is designed specifically to meet your individual business need through a fun, relaxing, and inspiring experience. The learning model spans from the development of leadership skills to improving team performance. When working with horses, leadership skills are uniquely challenged.  Unlike other experiential learning, horses are live creatures that subordinate willingly to those who convey genuine trust, respect, and confidence.   Leadership training encompasses areas like; learning to be present, giving clear expectations, delivering positive non-verbal communication, and most importantly improving your self-awareness as a leader.

Come experience the beauty of the Colorado Horse Rescue Ranch and see the business impact that LeadChange can make for your organization.  


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